Nadine Vanmanshoven

Yoga Teacher

Helping others to acquire knowledge, competences, values to go within and find their yin.


Since 1979, Nadine Vanmanshoven is a Physical Therapist with a strong background in applied anatomy and a tremendous curiosity for the human body.

She has been spending the last 6 years developing her skills as a teacher, linking yoga, anatomy, physical therapy and science.

After obtaining her degree she continued her education by specializing and obtained further qualifications in Manual lymph drainage, Autogenic Bronchial drainage, Urinary Incontinency and Sexual dysfunctions, Manual Therapy, Creative Consciousness coaching, Shiatsu massage, Meditation, Palliative care and is currently studying Ortho Molecular Therapy.

She was trained by YogaLife, continued her education with a Sankalp retreat in India with Manoj Bhanot and Savira Gupta, in France with Sarah Powers ( insight yoga) in Brussels with Jo Barnett (yin yoga 50 h) and in Ghent with Eva Kamala Rodenbergh (Iyengar fundamentals 96 h).

Nadine has taught anatomy for since 2014.


At present she teaches yoga for the Sports Department of Zottegem. Her holistic style is based on years of experience and knowledge as a physical therapist, complemented by awareness from the rich Indian Yoga tradition, anatomy, pathology and life itself.

A yoga class with Nadine is each time ….
… like a breath of fresh air in a busy week
… safe, calming, relaxing and up-lifting
… simultaneous strenuous and relaxing at the same time, a blessing for body and mind
… helping me to understand myself, I feel my body and mind harmonising
…. as if she takes you on a trip, with clear instructions throughout the asanas and mental practice , driven with passion and enthusiasm


“I love the interaction, applying yoga to all my patients and the ever-growing knowledge to my yoga and anatomy classes. Teaching is learning, growing, creating and providing conditions, to bring out the greatest assets in people. “


Nadine is our friend and the Yoga teacher on our retreats. We are very happy to have her on our team!


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