Navigating life

How to navigate life in a more aware and conscious way

At some point in our life everyone has the feeling of “too much to do and not enough time”.


Imagine that instead of running around you might inhabit your body and let your senses be aware and be present. That is evolution!


Self awareness is the key.


If you can do your errands with presence you will be interfering with the autopilot and it gives you back the control of your life.

In case of stress situations it’s more complex because we are more reactive. The trick is to pause. Rather than beeing caught in stress and reacting we have the choice to pause and embrace what is here. The confusion, stress, fear are still there but our sense of own beeing is large enough to include it.

We responde to the stress in an adaptive way, an evolutionary pathway: we evolve.

There is a shift in identity that allows us to transform from ego identity to a sense of awareness with presence. And that is our true nature!


You can start by applying these ideas in simple routine situations. Try to realize the intention of doing something. For exemple when you are walking, and take a turn. Next time you take a turn, realize the intention of taking that turn arising and to take shape in your mind before the impulse of turning.


Another important matter to be more present is to be conscious of the body. We can always use the breath to help us pause and anchor our attention.


Next time you feel the automatic pilot taking over, try this 3 minute breathing space practice:


  1. Attend to what is. The first step invites attending broadly to one’s experience, noting it, but without the need to change what is being observed.

  2. Focus on the breath. The second step narrows the field of attention to a single, pointed focus on the breath in the body.

  3. Attend to the body. The third step widens attention again to include the body as a whole and any sensations that are present.





Each one of us has areas that trigger stress reactions.  Next time try to… Pause and Just Breath!





With love,






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